Individual cabins are sometimes available for nightly rentals. Check Airbnb for availability and to book. Cabins are only available to rent when there is no large event at Camp Woodbury.

When renting individual cabins, the lodge is common space shared by all guests as long as it is not rented separately. You can use the kitchen, the deck, and pretty much everything there, but you must play well with others.

Camp Woodbury – Cabin 1

Jan grew up in a knotty pine cottage overlooking the Little Miami River in southern Ohio. (Yes, she is a Buckeye in Wolverine territory.) The double maple bed and dresser in Cabin 1 were in her parents’ bedroom and the table and chairs were from the kitchen where the family had dinner every night. The picture on the wall hung in their living room and the glass chickens were collected by her Aunt Georgia. It’s a nostalgic cabin ready for a family of four or five to make their own memories.

Camp Woodbury – Cabin 2

Cabin 2 is called the Blue Cabin. At least it started out that way with blue curtains, duvets, sofas, pictures, towels, etc. The blue towels faded and were switched out for white ones and the duvets may or may not be blue depending on who makes it up. A guest kicked out the spokes of the antique double spool bed so we replaced it with a queen. Some things you just learn as you go.

Camp Woodbury – Cabin 3

We call Cabin 3 the Sheraton Suites model. Jan happened to stay in a Sheraton Suites that had a sliding door wall between the sitting area and the bedroom about the time we were working on this cabin. We asked our contractor, John Stafford to build sliding doors out of the pine siding and made the bathroom accessible from either side. It sleeps two couples comfortably on the queen bed and queen sofa.

Camp Woodbury – Cabin 4

Cabin 4 has its own tree house. Our wonderful architect Carl Hueter had the idea of doing the pop-outs for the dining nook, living room and loft. When we cut the roof out we dropped two trees in for support. Kids love the loft. Most adults do too but you have to be able to skinny (shimmy?) up the ladder to get there. The cabin works great for a family of four or five with the adults in the queen and the kids in the loft and fold-out sofa.