Family Reunions

This place was made for families. It is available year-round and is a great event space for summer or winter retreats. When you rent the camp for a family event you get the use of the entire 150 acres, the private lake, the lodge, the luxury cabins and the campsites. It’s all yours; there are no partial rentals. We don’t rent to anyone else while you are on property and expect you to take over the entire venue.

For availability and pricing, please contact


Doris (the previous owner) used to pack RVs in along the ridge. We keep the ridge open for games and picnics (and our new septic field, so please don’t drive on it). We have a 60-person overnight maximum in the cabins and designated campsites. Additional guests can stay in convenient hotels and join you for your daily events, but need to be offsite by midnight. We must know in advance how many will be onsite each day in order to meet our township requirements (150 max.) and help with parking if needed.