Things You Need to Know

You might want to check out the Camp Rules, too.


The best music there is comes from crickets, frogs and birds, but we understand that some events require man-made sounds. Please, please, keep any amplified music inside the lodge. Over the years, houses have been built along the country roads, and, understandably, the inhabitants may not want to join in your celebration, or even share your musical tastes. Amplified music must be turned off at 10:00pm, no exceptions.

We will monitor the sound and ask you to turn it down if needed. Please remember, we’re not pooping your party, but complying with legal restrictions.

What? No Streetlights?

Pack a flashlight. Or one of those cool battery lanterns. When it’s dark, it’s dark, especially when the trees are in full leaf. Of course, you can stargaze by the lake, and you may be joined by fireflies. You can even take a jar and catch a few of these nature’s night lights, but please, release them before you go back inside.

Ahh, Sleep.

Each cabin is supplied with linens, pillows comforters and towels, but there is no daily maid service. Think of your cabin as home. You don’t have to make your bed, but please hang up your towels to dry. If you need something extra, we will most likely get it for you if you ask nicely. And by the way, there is a washer and dryer in the lodge. And plenty of laundry soap. Feel free.

We’re Picky Because Guests Are, Too.

Jan is very picky about linens. They’re 100% damask cotton and she insists we dry only two sheets at a time so they don’t get too wrinkly. You’ll appreciate this when you hop into bed at night.

As for pillows, the cabins have both foam and feather, but if you truly can’t sleep without the perfect pillow, we suggest you bring yours from home.

Please don’t take the sheets off your bed. Jan gets particularly perturbed when someone, even with good intentions, rips a sheet off and catches it on a spring. Leave it. Let us take care of it. Please and thank you.

Towels Are For Bathing

We ask, no, beg really, that you don’t take the white towels to the beach. Water lily roots turn sand black, and therefore will turn the towels black, too. The color comes off skin much easier than out of towels, soo…..

Bring your own beach towels, please. Ours have disappeared over time and we’re just not inclined to keep replenishing them.

And while it is great to run barefoot through the grass, your feet will undoubted get a tad dirty. We have stocked each cabin with black washcloths designed for taking off make-up or cleaning fancy free feet. Please use those instead of the white ones to clean up.

Park It Properly, Please

This place was a originally a summer camp, so parents pulled up, dropped off the kiddies and left. That means it wasn’t designed for parking around the cabins. The turnouts and circle drive must not be blocked by parked cars – that’s a fire code thing. We have some parking near the main lodge, and room for up to 25 cars by the barn, but for large events, pull up, drop off your stuff and your people, and head out to the remote parking area halfway down the drive. We’ll pick you up.

Sunset over Nordman Lake